Home Security Is The Most Important Purchase You Can Make For Your Home.

This Book Will Show You How To Do It Right

Feeling Secure About Your Home Security

Gain Insider Knowledge

Written by a security industry professional with over 25 years of experience, this book reveals several insider tips to help the average homeowner get the best from their security system purchase

Evaluate Your Home's Security Needs Like A Pro

Discover the process security professionals use to evaluate your home's security needs

Create Your Best Deal

Arm yourself with all of the information you need to secure the best deal for your home's security system

Feel Secure About Your Home Security

Securing your home should make you feel... secure. Use this comprehensive guide to help you get the right protection at the right price from the right company so you can rest easy



Ontario, Canada 

"Very informative. This should be used as the industry standard for home security."



Scottsdale, Arizona

“This book was an eye opener! I always thought I understood home security and what my home needed. After reading "Feeling Secure About Your Home Security," I discovered there’s much more about properly protecting a home than I was aware of! Great value and content.”



Ontario, Canada

"I would definitely prefer having a professional like Blaine handle the security for my place. I would feel safer and more secure knowing that my house is properly protected."


Blaine Bryant

About The Author

Blaine Bryant has been involved in the security industry for over 25 years.

In his early career, he was the owner of his own security company in Ontario, Canada, operating under the Nighthawk franchise, selling and installing both residential and commercial alarm systems.

During his career he has worked with everything from hardwired security systems and components to modern wireless systems, gaining valuable experience and insight over the years working with such powerhouse security companies such as ADT and Johnson Controls. 

His expertise includes the sales, installation, service, and management of residential and commercial security systems, residential and commercial video surveillance systems, access control systems, residential and commercial fire alarms, and automation systems.

During the course of his career he has not only witnessed the evolution of security system devices and features, but the changes in how security systems are marketed and sold.

It is his firm belief that home security is the most important major purchase one can make for their home, yet has seen in his experience that the majority of homeowners are mostly unaware of its importance, its costs, and most importantly, the benefits of proper protection.

In writing this book, it was his intention to give homeowners everything they need to understand their home security needs and how to best go about securing their homes to achieve the best results. 

He wrote this book in an effort to educate and empower the average homeowner with more than enough information and expert advice to achieve the highest possible reduction of the chances of loss, and the confidence of making a well-informed purchase decision.

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